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Lift Maintenance Tips for Service Lifts

6 Oct, 2016


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Lift Maintenance Tips All lifts are designed to a very high standard and manufactured to operate for many years than most expect, lifts we have been involved with in terms of lift maintenance can be in service for 30 years or more! Too many lift owners see maintenance of a lift as a cost they do … Read more

Top 3 reasons to invest in a food lift for your restaurant

If you are considering opening a restaurant or already have a restaurant with the kitchen on a different level to your customer area, this article is for you… The food lift has been designed to minimize travelling up and down stairs with hot food or dirty dishes. It saves time, energy and is most importantly … Read more

Food Lift or Restaurant Lift – We look at catering lift options available!

Food Lifts are in hot demand right now with a surge in new Restaurant openings across the UK, in particular Restaurant Lifts in London. If you have stumbled on this blog, you will no doubt be looking into the idea of having a food lift in your Restaurant, Cafe, Deli and the list goes on…. … Read more

How to specify a residential dumbwaiter

Specifying a residential dumbwaiter is another challenge on the list for any Architect working on a premium property which requires a service lift. Something a bit special… There are of course a number of standard lift models available, however we are seeing a growing number of bespoke dumbwaiter requests which is no surprise as such … Read more

Service Lift Co installs a new Lift for Honky Tonk Restaurant in Clapham

We recently installed a brand new Double Decker Dumbwaiter Lift for a new restaurant located in Clapham Common, London. Previously Known as The Underdog, Clapham the new restaurant that has been created is a fun concept which brings a bit of the USA to London by the name of Honky Tonk Bar & Restaurant. The … Read more

Case Study – Dumbwaiter Installation at Liverpool Restaurant

A brand new Dumbwaiter Lift has been installed into an upcoming Italian Restaurant based in Mossley Hill, Liverpool. Soon to be re-opened in June 2013, the restaurant will serve tasty Sicilian cuisine and utilise the dumbwaiter to transport food and drinks between the kitchen area upstairs down to the main restaurant area at ground level. … Read more

Do you need a Dumbwaiter in your home?

Dumbwaiters in homes have probably been the longest server in the dumbwaiter market, this stretches way back to the good ol days where laundry would be sent up and down stairs by willing maids. Many homes are still having dumbwaiters installed as they still serve an important job much like a washing machine or fridge … Read more

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