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Dumb waiter Lifts

Dumb waiters are used in both Domestic Residence & Commercial properties alike and have been around for longer than you may imagine. Domestic Dumbwaiters were the original lifts to serve wealthy homes to move small items between levels. Commercial Dumb waiter Lifts now far out number the residential dumbwaiter as Restaurants now use them to … Read more

Dumbwaiter Maintenance

18 Feb, 2013


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Dumb waiter Maintenance is a vital part of owning a Dumbwaiter Lift, it ensures that the Lift is working safely most importantly and also ensures a higher efficiency and reliability of the Service Lift. With a high number of Dumbwaiters being found in Restaurants, Pubs, Hotels and other Hospitality environments they can prove to be … Read more

Lift Cleaning – Should you clean your Dumb waiter?

Lift Cleaning is an essential part of maintaining your Dumbwaiter especially when operating as a food lift or restaurant lift. Due to the shape of the dumb waiter cabin it is often very difficult to fully clean your dumb waiter as often debris find its way into the corner of the box shaped lift cabin, … Read more

What is a Dumbwaiter?

A Dumbwaiter is a small lift which was designed to transport goods between floors, the original dumbwaiters were installed in the early 1800′s and were generally of wooden construction. Modern dumbwaiters are generally made from Steel and have many commercial uses, most commonly found in restaurant kitchens and public houses. Sometimes referred to as a … Read more

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