Dumb waiter Lifts

Dumb waiters are used in both Domestic Residence & Commercial properties alike and have been around for longer than you may imagine. Domestic Dumbwaiters were the original lifts to serve wealthy homes to move small items between levels.

Commercial Dumb waiter Lifts now far out number the residential dumbwaiter as Restaurants now use them to move food and drinks from the kitchen to restaurant level, restaurant lifts often run throughout the day and have to be robust to keep up with the heavy workload the average dumbwaiter does in one day.

Food Lifts as they are sometimes known are often made in Stainless steel like other kitchen equipment however Enamel finishes are also popular and provide a clean safe environment to transport food.

Hotels also like to use Dumb waiter lifts to move linen between the various levels to ensure the cleaning teams work is reduced and rooms are cleaned more quickly. A lot of the top UK hotel chains now have dumb waiters lifts to help keep the hotel running at its optimum level.

In recent years engineering environments such as car manufacturing companies have adopted the dumb waiter as a means of transporting car parts around the factory without the need to walk up stairways with heavy goods. This allows for a safer working environment and conforms to health and safety policy.

Even more recent than engineering is Dentists, Dental surgeries have a need to safely move utensils from clean room to the surgeons room. This complies with recent legislation.

Other uses for the Dumb waiter can include transporting books, money, shoes and electrical components.

If you have a need for a Dumb waiter in any environment, we would be delighted to hear from you and help you with your Service Lift needs.

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