Lift Cleaning – Should you clean your Dumb waiter?

Lift Cleaning is an essential part of maintaining your Dumbwaiter especially when operating as a food lift or restaurant lift.

Due to the shape of the dumb waiter cabin it is often very difficult to fully clean your dumb waiter as often debris find its way into the corner of the box shaped lift cabin, our experience shows that using a high powered steam cleaning device is the most efficient and hygiene method of deep cleaning your dumbwaiter lift.

Another area which requires close attention is the dumbwaiter lift pit, this can be a breeding ground for old food debris, cutlery and loose items which has escaped the dumbwaiter cabin. When fitting a new dumbwaiter it is good practice to include a lift pit door in order to gain easy access to the lift pit area.

The process of Lift Cleaning can be labour intensive but useful for maintaining your dumbwaiter as well as keep away unwanted pests and vermin in food lift environment.

Lift Cleaning is not currently included with our standard service contracts however can be arranged upon request.

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