Micro Lift DD50


The Micro Lift DD50 is similar to the 50A model and will fit into much smaller spaces than other dumb waiter lifts within the 50kg capacity range. Often discovered in a small bistro, café or in a private home the DD50 can offer a dumbwaiter solution with minimal lift shaft space available. It can carry up to 50kg in weight and is finished in either enamel or stainless steel. As with other dummy waiters of this type, it can be supplied with items such as intercoms and extra shelves to increase the amount of items that can be transported per lift journey. Our Micro Lift DD50 can be installed in two days by experienced lift engineers. This model can sometimes be called a private home dumbwaiter or small dumbwaiter and similar to the 50A model falls under the category of bespoke dumbwaiter lifts. Heated Tray Intercom Extra Shelf Stainless

Micro Lift 100A – with hinged doors


The Micro Lift 100A with hinged doors is the same model of dumb waiter service lift as the normal 100A however, it has hinged doors instead of bi-parting shutter doors. Unlike the standard 100A model, this model is on a lead time due to its bespoke lift nature. Often seen in large kitchens or industrial premises, this dumb waiter is a highly efficient machine when you require fast efficient transport for items such as bottles of beer, wine, packaged goods, car parts etc. The uses are endless for this fantastic model of dumbwaiter lift and the additional space and capacity make it an excellent choice all round. This can be either a stainless steel dumbwaiter or an enamel dumbwaiter lift. Heated Tray Intercom Extra Shelf Stainless

Micro Lift 100B – with rise and fall shutters


The Micro Lift 100B is the largest size dumb waiter lift we provide. With much a larger cabin size and specification than other models which are targeted to the food lift market, this 100kg model also known as the Micro Lift 100B. This model has double the weight capability of a standard dumb waiter and a very large inside lift cabin space for moving larger items up to 100kg in weight. Often seen in large commercial enterprises or industrial places, this service lift is very useful machine when you require safe transportation for large goods under 100kg. This lift can be used in a multitude of ways and locations due to its size and capacity and is robust in its construction and design. Supplied as either a stainless steel dumbwaiter or an enamel dumbwaiter lift. Heated Tray Intercom Extra Shelf Stainless

250HP Trolley Lift


Our 250HP Trolley lift is a 250kg floor level serving trolley lift which is best suited for carrying larger loads than smaller service lifts such a dumb waiter. Trolley Lifts are typically used in public houses, wine bars or hotels to move beer kegs etc, they are also common in shops and restaurants. The Trolley Lift has been designed for heavier loads which would not be suitable for staff to handle manually.

250CP Trolley Lift


The 250CP model of Trolley lift is available in a 250kg capacity and is supplied with a concertina shutter door. It is well suited to carrying large loads between floors and can easily be loaded at floor level. The concertina door is versatile and can be supplied if a hinged door model is not possible. As with other 250kg models, this model from our trolley lifts range is found in many catering and industrial environments with robust finishes to suit.

300HP Trolley Lift


Service Lift Co supply a 300kg Model of Trolley lift known as the 300HP. It is made from robust galvanised steel to ensure it can stand up to the challenges a typical trolley lift faces. This 300kg Trolley lift is available in stock and can perform heavy lifting duties which would not normally be possible by manual handling. This lift is often found back of house in restaurants, pubs, hotels, industrial and similar environments.

300CP Trolley Lift


Our 300CP model of Trolley Lift is available in a 300kg Lift Capacity and is supplied as standard with a concertina lift shutter door. Serving at floor height, this trolley lift is very efficient at moving goods of upto 300kg between floor levels. Made from durable high strength steel, our 300CP model will be a reliable trolley lift for many years and ensure your heavy goods are moved safely. This lift is very popular and is found in many different working environments.

BKG Advantage Stock Dumbwaiter

SECOND HAND BKG Advantage Stock Dumbwaiter 100.45/4


These service level lifts are available as two or three stop, single or through entry machines and come complete with vertical bi-parting landing doors and their own galvanised steel structure. The maximum travel of 4m (two stop) or 7.3m (three stop) can be easily adjusted on site. All Advantage Dumbwaiters can be supplied with either single or 3-phase drives and all car and landing finishes across the range are stainless steel, with landings having 2 hour fire ratings as standard. There is also a choice of brushed aluminium roller shutter or stainless steel vertical bi-parting door for car entrance protection.

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