The Micro Lift DD50 is similar to the 50A model and will fit into much smaller spaces than other dumb waiter lifts within the 50kg capacity range.

Often discovered in a small bistro, café or in a private home the DD50 can offer a dumbwaiter solution with minimal lift shaft space available. It can carry up to 50kg in weight and is finished in either enamel or stainless steel.

As with other dummy waiters of this type, it can be supplied with items such as intercoms and extra shelves to increase the amount of items that can be transported per lift journey.

Our Micro Lift DD50 can be installed in two days by experienced lift engineers. This model can sometimes be called a private home dumbwaiter or small dumbwaiter and similar to the 50A model falls under the category of bespoke dumbwaiter lifts.

Heated Tray Intercom Extra Shelf Stainless