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Dumbwaiters and Food Lifts

Dumbwaiter Lifts 50kg – 100kg

Dumbwaiter lifts are used commonly by service industries including restaurant food lifts, hotels, pubs, banks and libraries. We also supply residential dumbwaiter lifts to private homes across the UK.

Trolley Lifts

Trolley Lifts 100kg – 300kg

Trolley Lifts are suitable for larger loads of up to 300kg, transported on trolleys or in roll cages. These larger service lifts are typically used for moving larger loads and are designed to help avoid excessive manual handling.

Goods Lifts

Goods Lifts 500kg – 2000kg

Designed to make easy work of heavy loads and typically used to reach elevated storage areas, often on mezzanine levels. Installed within their own structure almost anywhere, and with a choice of hinged or concertina doors.

Dumbwaiters and Food Lifts

Why use Our Lift Company?

We have installed over 5000 dumbwaiters in the last 30 years. Unlike most lift companies who offer all types of lifts, we only do Service Lifts.

We source only the best quality Food Lifts and Dumbwaiters available on the market. Our Service Lifts are available from 5kg to 2000kg Goods Lift models.Our experienced lift engineers provide quick and efficient installations to a very high standard.

We deliver on time, every time, whilst meeting your specific requirements and lift specification.

Dumbwaiters and Food Lifts

Dumbwaiter Specialists

We offer dumbwaiters, food lifts, kitchen lifts, automatic dumbwaiters, double decker lifts, trolley lifts & goods lifts with nation wide coverage. Also used dumbwaiters and dumbwaiters for hire . We carry stock dumbwaiters for install within 1 week.

We have fitted lifts all over the UK, including Jersey, Guernsey, Isle of Man/Wight and Ireland. Internationally in France, Switzerland, Holland, Spain, Russia, Germany, Dubai, Oman, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Australia and USA.

Dumbwaiters and Food Lifts

Maintenance and Repairs

Should your service lift develop a fault, we’ll aim to be with you within 24 hours.

We appreciate how important your dumbwaiter is, which is why we also offer FREE Lift Servicing* during the first year of your service contract.

  • Low call-out rates
  • 24 hour repair response time
  • Competitive repair costs
  • Spares supplied within 24 hours


UK Supplier and Installer of Dumbwaiter Lifts, Service Lifts and Food Lifts

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