Dumbwaiter Information

Dumbwaiter Sizes
We offer a wide range of standard Dumbwaiter Sizes which are suitable for most uses such as using the lift as a Food Lift, Home Lift or Industrial Dumbwaiter. Dumbwaiter dimensions are often decided by the goods the lift needs to carry therefore we will ensure your Dumbwaiter dimensions are perfectly suited for the task in mind.

Besides our standard size Dumbwaiter range we also have access to bespoke dumbwaiter products to ensure we can accommodate the size you desire.

Dumbwaiter Prices
The price of Dumbwaiter varies based on a number of factors such as:

  • Number of Floors
  • Type of Finishes
  • Lift Capacity (50kg/100kg/150kg)
  • Lift Sizes (internal cabin)
  • Special add ons (intercom system for example)

Our Dumbwaiter Prices are considered highly competitive whilst supplying the highest quality of product available, Dumbwaiter Cost is all relative due number of journeys a typical Dumbwaiter will achieve year in year out.

You can obtain a Dumb waiter price by contacting us by email or phone.

Dumbwaiter Installation
Our Dumbwaiter Company offer Dumbwaiter Installation as part of our standard package which is generally carried out during normal working hours and normally takes 1-2 days on site to complete a full Dumbwaiter Installation.

Electric V Manual
We only supply Electric Dumbwaiters although we have a soft spot for the now vintage Manual Dumbwaiter often operated by ropes.

Electric Dumbwaiters have many more advantages over the Manual Dumbwaiter which is why now many of the antique lifts have been removed to be replaced by the modern electric service lift.

Advantages are numerous including faster travel times, less man power required and a more hygienic environment which is especially important for restaurant lifts for example.

Where are dumbwaiters used?
Dumbwaiter can be used in almost all environment providing you want to transport small goods between floors, also known as food lifts or restaurant lifts in the hospitality sectors it is commonly found in many restaurants as the sole means of transporting food between kitchen and restaurant.

Another common place to find dumbwaiters is in your home! Dumbwaiters are fast becoming the must have kitchen equipment piece across the UK, referred to as a home lift or home elevator it can be used to move shopping, luggage or transport a glass of bubbly! (yes this has been a requirement)

Alongside its obvious locations we also supply dentist lifts, industrial lifts, bank hoists, warehouse dumbwaiters, boat dumbwaiters and hotel service lifts.

UK Supplier and Installer of Dumbwaiter Lifts, Service Lifts and Food Lifts

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