Q. How do I choose the right lift my property and purposes?

A. Service Lifts offer a wide range of lifts to suit all types of applications and premises. Call or email one of our team to discuss the purpose of the lift and they will assist with matching the right product for your requirements.

Q. Do you provide site surveys?

A. Yes. We believe this is the most important stage of the process. Arranged to suit your schedule, our site visit will allow us to assess site conditions and ensure a smooth installation. Our visit includes shaft measurement, site assessment, meeting site representatives and confirming installation dates of your dumbwaiter.

Q. How are your lifts powered?

A. In most commercial applications our lifts are usually powered on a three-phase power supply however, single-phase options are available where required (for examples, in private homes).

Q. How soon will you install the lift once I’ve placed my order?

A. This can vary based on whether the lift is a stocked product or bespoke product. We always advise lead times during the quotation process to ensure timescales and expectations can be fulfilled.

Q. Who will install my lift?

A. We have a range of qualified engineers available and always use the best engineer to suit each lift type. Our engineers quality and experience are second-to-none.

Q. How long will the lift take to install?

A. Typically our engineers will arrive on site on the morning of your installation day ready to start assembly from 9am. Dumbwaiter Lift installation usually takes 1-2 days to complete and Goods Lifts up to 5 days.

Q. Are there any installation fees?

A. All costs are covered by our quotation on all our ranges, so there are no hidden costs unveiled at any point.

Q. Can I start to use the lift as soon as the installation is complete?

A. Following lift installation the lift will require cladding (by a qualified builder) to enclose the structure in a material to suit your design and requirements. Materials will be advised dependent on lift type, i.e. plasterboard for dumbwaiters.

Q. Are all of your lifts easy to operate?

A. Yes. Our lifts are manufactured to a very high standard, ensuring ease of use by any operator. Usually it’s a simple push button operation to send the lift between floors.

Q. I’ve got a problem with my lift, what should I do?

A. Call or email our team immediately. With our network of engineers across the UK, we provide a speedy response to any lift problems that may occur.

Q. How should I care for my lift?

A. From our experience, a typical dumbwaiter needs to be serviced twice a year to maintain good working order, completed every six months. Goods lifts are often serviced four times a year.

With regular lift maintenance many problems can be avoided at a very low cost, avoiding expensive repairs.

Q. Can you service my lift?

A. Absolutely. During dumbwaiter services we typically expect to be on site for up to 30 minutes, including a number of visual and physical checks. We ensure all moving parts are freely moving and lubricated, as this is critical for the day-to-day use of a dumbwaiter. We also check that all other parts are operating correctly including motors, ropes and doors.

Once the dumbwaiter service report is complete, a copy of your report can be kept on site within your own Dumbwaiter Maintenance Lift File, provided by Service Lifts.

Q. I’d like a lift removed from my property. What should I do?

A. We have specialist Lift Removal Teams available to carry out such work at very reasonable prices. Our team can also dispose of the lift material FREE of charge.

Q. Do you stock spare parts for repairs?

A. Yes, standard parts are generally available for an overnight service ensuring a fast response to any repair work.

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