Dumbwaiter Maintenance

18 Feb, 2013


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Dumb waiter Maintenance is a vital part of owning a Dumbwaiter Lift, it ensures that the Lift is working safely most importantly and also ensures a higher efficiency and reliability of the Service Lift.

With a high number of Dumbwaiters being found in Restaurants, Pubs, Hotels and other Hospitality environments they can prove to be a pivotal part of the kitchen equipment, especially when kitchens are located in the basement and difficult stairways are the only access between kitchen and restaurant floor.

Dumbwaiter Maintenance is something that some owners overlook until a problem occurs with the lift which usually results in a more costly event due to the lift machine overworking for a period of time, we recommend two lift services per year on a Dumbwaiter Lift or four visits per year if the lift is in daily regular use.

A typical service on a Dumb waiter should take around 30minutes whilst on site, this includes visual inspection and lubrication of lift equipment. Dumbwaiter Servicing also allows the engineer to notice any potential issues that could cause problems in the future, such as damaged Dumbwaiter Doors, Worn Drive Sheaves, Worn Lift Ropes and Guide Rails misaligned. All of which can cause breakdowns which could have been avoided with simple adjustments on a Dumbwaiter Service.

Dumbwaiter Servicing is very cost effective and also covers your LOLER duties when it comes to providing evidence of maintenance to your selected Insurance company who should ask to see evidence that the lift has been properly maintained by a qualified person.

We specialise in Dumbwaiter Maintenance and would be very happy to discuss the on-going maintenance of your Dumb waiter, we aim to be very competitively priced yet provide the sort of quality service you should expect from a company dedicated to Dumbwaiter Lifts, Service Lifts, Food Lifts, Restaurant Lifts and Under Bar Hoists.

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