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Do you need a Dumbwaiter in your home?

Dumbwaiters in homes have probably been the longest server in the dumbwaiter market, this stretches way back to the good ol days where laundry would be sent up and down stairs by willing maids. Many homes are still having dumbwaiters installed as they still serve an important job much like a washing machine or fridge … Read more

How much does a Dumbwaiter Lift cost?

How much does a dumbwaiter lift cost?… The question of every potential dumb waiter owners lips. The cost of a new dumbwaiter lift is relative to a number of factors which we will cover in this blog post, alternatively second hand dumbwaiters are available. So what makes up the cost of a dumbwaiter? Location – … Read more

Tips for selecting the right Dumbwaiter Manufacturer

Choosing a genuine dumbwaiter manufacturer or supplier can be a bit of a minefield, the internet now makes it difficult to sort the wheat from the chaff so to speak. Many lift companies claim to be dumbwaiter suppliers however this is usually an after thought beyond there main product range, this tends to mean they … Read more

Reasons to buy a Service Lift

Service Lift or Service Lifts are fairly common words when describing any lift ranging upto 300kg and within the en81-3 standard. Service Lifts do exactly what they suggest, give service. Designed and Manufactured to transport goods of any kind between floors where manual handing is either impossible or unsafe. Many Storage Facilities are now utilizing … Read more

Dumb waiter Installation

Dumb waiter Installation is a process which should be undertaken by professional lift engineers, dumbwaiter installation often takes between 1-2 days on site if the dumb waiter is going into a standard blockwork or studwork shaft. Prior to your Dumb waiter Installation a full lift survey should be undertaken to understand the full requirements of … Read more

Dumb waiter Lifts

Dumb waiters are used in both Domestic Residence & Commercial properties alike and have been around for longer than you may imagine. Domestic Dumbwaiters were the original lifts to serve wealthy homes to move small items between levels. Commercial Dumb waiter Lifts now far out number the residential dumbwaiter as Restaurants now use them to … Read more

Dumbwaiter Maintenance

18 Feb, 2013


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Dumb waiter Maintenance is a vital part of owning a Dumbwaiter Lift, it ensures that the Lift is working safely most importantly and also ensures a higher efficiency and reliability of the Service Lift. With a high number of Dumbwaiters being found in Restaurants, Pubs, Hotels and other Hospitality environments they can prove to be … Read more

Lift Cleaning – Should you clean your Dumb waiter?

Lift Cleaning is an essential part of maintaining your Dumbwaiter especially when operating as a food lift or restaurant lift. Due to the shape of the dumb waiter cabin it is often very difficult to fully clean your dumb waiter as often debris find its way into the corner of the box shaped lift cabin, … Read more

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