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Top 3 reasons to invest in a food lift for your restaurant

If you are considering opening a restaurant or already have a restaurant with the kitchen on a different level to your customer area, this article is for you… The food lift has been designed to minimize travelling up and down stairs with hot food or dirty dishes. It saves time, energy and is most importantly … Read more

Food Lift or Restaurant Lift – We look at catering lift options available!

Food Lifts are in hot demand right now with a surge in new Restaurant openings across the UK, in particular Restaurant Lifts in London. If you have stumbled on this blog, you will no doubt be looking into the idea of having a food lift in your Restaurant, Cafe, Deli and the list goes on…. … Read more

Dumb waiter Installation

Dumb waiter Installation is a process which should be undertaken by professional lift engineers, dumbwaiter installation often takes between 1-2 days on site if the dumb waiter is going into a standard blockwork or studwork shaft. Prior to your Dumb waiter Installation a full lift survey should be undertaken to understand the full requirements of … Read more

Dumb waiter Lifts

Dumb waiters are used in both Domestic Residence & Commercial properties alike and have been around for longer than you may imagine. Domestic Dumbwaiters were the original lifts to serve wealthy homes to move small items between levels. Commercial Dumb waiter Lifts now far out number the residential dumbwaiter as Restaurants now use them to … Read more

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