Top 3 reasons to invest in a food lift for your restaurant

If you are considering opening a restaurant or already have a restaurant with the kitchen on a different level to your customer area, this article is for you…

The food lift has been designed to minimize travelling up and down stairs with hot food or dirty dishes. It saves time, energy and is most importantly makes for a safer restaurant environment.

Reason One – More Customers

In most cases, if you can position the kitchen on a different level it gives more space for tables and more customers in your restaurant.

Also, as the lift quickly travels between floors it also gives the customer a much swifter dining experience and ensures your restaurants customer service is top notch.

Reason Two – Saves money for the Restaurant

This one is often not given too much thought, but if the dumbwaiter lift is not installed then who is going to move plates around the restaurant?  A paid member of staff? The manager? All are not good uses of money or time.

A food lift will move food and drinks around nonstop, every day of the week without a break to show for it.

So think of the initial outlay as a very economical staff member which only requires a one off payment to work for as many years as you wish!

Reason Three – Lift Health & Safety

Yawn…. I hear, Health and safety can be quite a dull subject granted.   However when it comes to safety in the restaurant, a small lift like a dumbwaiter can be save many headaches of moving goods around safely.

Most good insurance companies now demand a restaurant lift is fitted to prevent falls with dangerous items like glasses and plates of hot food.

We understand the food lift price is important as project budgets are considered and it is also important to specify the correct food lift size for task in hand.

Our team know how to advise on this based on the amount of covers the restaurant will have and other factors such as travel distance may indicate the need for a heated food lift for example.

Service Lift Co has all of the answers!

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