Do you need a Dumbwaiter in your home?

Dumbwaiters in homes have probably been the longest server in the dumbwaiter market, this stretches way back to the good ol days where laundry would be sent up and down stairs by willing maids.

Many homes are still having dumbwaiters installed as they still serve an important job much like a washing machine or fridge does, the dumbwaiter sends your goods where it needs to go. Besides being a workhorse… dumbwaiter lifts are also installed as a luxury item to transport food and drink between floors to save walking up and down stairs with the potential to spill on expensive carpets or furniture perhaps.

Most home owners would love a dumbwaiter lets face it, anything which makes our lives easier and less stressful is always worth considering. So if you live over three, four or five floors then why not get a dumbwaiter installed in the home?

Many London homes have dumbwaiters installed to do such tasks and they often drafted as part of refurbishment plans by london designers or london architects, we deal with many clients which prefer to have a dumbwaiter installed as part of the kitchen design. Sometimes home owners like to incorporate patterns or colours to match there new kitchen or work area which is now possible with the modern dumbwaiter.

Why not find out if your home could benefit from a dumbwaiter installation.

Primary areas in London where dumbwaiters are installed:

  • SW7, Kensington Dumbwaiter
  • SW7, Knightsbridge Dumb waiter
  • SW3, Chelsea Dumb waiter
  • W11, Notting Hill Dumb waiter
  • SW10, West Brompton Dumb waiter
  • NW3, Hampstead Dumb waiter
  • SW1, WestminsterW1, West End Dumb waiter
  • GU25, Virginia Water Dumb waiter
  • W13, Barnes Dumb waiter
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