How much does a Dumbwaiter Lift cost?

How much does a dumbwaiter lift cost?… The question of every potential dumb waiter owners lips. The cost of a new dumbwaiter lift is relative to a number of factors which we will cover in this blog post, alternatively second hand dumbwaiters are available.

So what makes up the cost of a dumbwaiter?

  1. Location – If you are set away from main cities or towns, chances are your price will be a little higher than more easily accessibile locations. This in large part is due to additional travel time, mileage and potential cost of hotels etc should the work be running over two or three days on site.
  2. Floors – Probably the biggest factor in cost is how many floors the lift runs, again this will extend dumbwaiter installation time but the bulk of the additional cost is the addtional lift material as well as more complex electronics required to tell the lift what to do and where to stop.
  3. Finishes – Cost of steel has risen dramatically over the past years which in turn has affected the production cost of a dumbwaiter as most service lifts are made primarily from stainless steel and mild steel for the actual lift structure.
  4. Installation Time – This will depend on the nature of the dumb waiter, for example if the entances to the lift doors are different sides this may take the installation team a little longer to setup. Other factors can be building sites which are difficult to access or move goods around or lift shafts which are not quite plumb.

Second Hand Dumbwaiter Lifts and Service Lifts

We sometimes have second hand dumbwaiters in stock however these are hand picked by both quality of the original build and standard of which the lift has been maintained.

When buying from eBay or any similar source always speak to an expert lift company such as ourselves in order to get some advice before purchasing the unit, we are happy to help and can also offer installation of the unit if we believe it is a good purchase for you the customer.

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