Reasons to buy a Service Lift

Service Lift or Service Lifts are fairly common words when describing any lift ranging upto 300kg and within the en81-3 standard.

Service Lifts do exactly what they suggest, give service. Designed and Manufactured to transport goods of any kind between floors where manual handing is either impossible or unsafe.

Many Storage Facilities are now utilizing the Service Lift or Dumb waiter Lift to transport goods such as Car Parts, Instruments or used as a Document Hoist.

Another use of the Service Lift can be in shape of a Trolley Lift to wheel trolleys of goods or evening a catering trolley used in restaurant, typically a Trolley Lift will be available in capacities of 150kg, 250kg or 300kg and kept to 1m square to comply with the en81-3 standard, although bespoke solutions are also used if the trolley size is larger than 1m square.

Reasons to buy a Service Lift

  1. Lifts heavy loads – with various sizes and capacities available most goods can be moved between floors at the touch of a button.
  2. Speed of transfer – Service Lifts can run all day every day without breaks and in busy environments can get items moved quickly.
  3. Health & Safety – it is usually unsafe or unpractical to lift weights of 50kg upwards, let the service lift do the job.
  4. Storage – some place utilize the lift as a mezzanine lift to make use of a mezzanine space or area perhaps for storage of goods or to generally keep goods of the main floor area.
  5. Adds Value – a business with a Service Lift is always more valuable it usually means less staff required to carry out basic labour tasks such as lifting boxes and moving goods around.
  6. Cheaper than a Fork Lift – not only is this type of lift often cheaper than a new fork lift but also doesnt require an operater in the form of a fork lift driver.

There are many reasons to buy a Service Lift and we have a great range available here at Service Lift Co – Contact Us today.

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