Micro Lift DD50


The Micro Lift DD50 is similar to the 50A model and will fit into much smaller spaces than other dumb waiter lifts within the 50kg capacity range.

Often discovered in a small bistro, café or in a private home the DD50 can offer a dumbwaiter solution with minimal lift shaft space available. It can carry up to 50kg in weight and is finished in either enamel or stainless steel.

As with other dummy waiters of this type, it can be supplied with items such as intercoms and extra shelves to increase the amount of items that can be transported per lift journey.

Our Micro Lift DD50 can be installed in two days by experienced lift engineers. This model can sometimes be called a private home dumbwaiter or small dumbwaiter and similar to the 50A model falls under the category of bespoke dumbwaiter lifts.

Heated Tray Intercom Extra Shelf Stainless


Constructed in mild steel, finished in grey baked enamel with a stainless steel base and a removable stainless steel shelf. The car can also be finished in stainless steel.


High quality, smooth operation rise and fall shutters are fitted with safety locks and can be finished in either grey baked enamel (RAL 7038) or stainless steel. Hinged doors are available as an option on all models.

Car entrance protection
To meet the Essential Safety Requirements (ESRs) of the Machinery (Safety) Regulations, the lift car is supplied with car entrance protection as standard. This protects goods from falling whilst the lift is in motion.


Entry choice
For the standard range up to three entrances can be fitted on each floor. For the all other versions up to two entrances can be fitted on each floor (Bottom Drive, Low Headroom, Double Decker).

Fully automatic push button control with call and despatch facilities at each entrance for ease of use.

“Lift arrival”, “lift occupied” and “lift position” indicators are fitted at each entrance, together with an audible lift arrival buzzer.

Up to 12 stops over a total distance of 30m of travel.

The Microlift is supplied in a structure-supported frame which is galvanised for longer life. We do not require a separate motor room or “load-bearing” lift shaft. For more information, please ask for our builder’s work details.

Mounted at the top of the lift structure, the smooth, quiet motor drives a high quality reduction gearbox fitted with a traction vee-sheave. An electro-magnetic disc brake is supplied, with emergency release mechanism. The reliable controller and counter-balance drive system ensure electrical consumption is minimal.

Complies with the Essential Safety Requirements (ESRs) of the Machinery (Safety) Regulations, also known as the Machinery Directive and EN 81-3 where applicable.




Car Dimensions (mm)

510 × 320 × 800


320 × 770

Serving Height



725 × 520

Pit Depth





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