Dumb waiter Installation

Dumb waiter Installation is a process which should be undertaken by professional lift engineers, dumbwaiter installation often takes between 1-2 days on site if the dumb waiter is going into a standard blockwork or studwork shaft.

Prior to your Dumb waiter Installation a full lift survey should be undertaken to understand the full requirements of the installation and to assess the lift shaft for any obstructions or issues which may prevent or delay the lift installation from going ahead.

Following the Lift survey, all shaft requirements should be presented in the form of a builders works document which details all lift shaft requirements to ensure the builder or carpenter provides the correct size floor opening and allows enough space for the dumbwaiter installation.

The Lift installation can now proceed with all details agreed, lift engineers like to arrive on site early to assess the service lift installation and to agree the process of which the lift will be installed.

Following the Lift Installation the lift will be required to cladded/boxed in by others, usually this is done by your builder, carpenter or maybe even yourself if you are running your own project.

After the lift has been clad in your chose material (often plasterboard), lift engineers would be instructed to return to site to power the dumb waiter lift up and set up the stopping levels amongst other settings to ensure the lift runs well from day one, a 3-phase power supply is usually preferred to 1-phase power as it runs more smoothly with the additional voltage. A rotary isolator is required terminated in your chosen power supply, our engineers would then run the lift power cables into the isolator to power the unit up.

Following the sign off lift commission documents, the dumbwaiter installation is complete and can now be used as intended.

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